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Welcome Magic Kitchen!

26 Jul

We would like to welcome Magic Kitchen as our second vendor that will be providing meals that are purchased through our site to be delivered. We are SO excited about Magic Kitchen; they are an awesome company that prepares delicious meals in their USDA approved kitchen, and ships them all over the entire US.

The other great thing about Magic Kitchen is that they offer meals to feed 1-2 people, 3-4 people, or 4-6 people. Also, the meals can be frozen to be used at a time when they really need it.

So the next time you’re invited to bring someone you love a meal through Food Tidings, have a meal delivered to them! OR, you can even go to a meal schedule you’ve participated in in the past, and have a meal delivered to that family… what a surprise blessing that would be!!

Have a fantastic weekend,

Lisa 🙂



16 Jul

Hi friends! I am SO excited to share with you that Food Tidings now has it’s own Pinterest page! We have all kinds of boards that we’ve started with so many ideas that will inspire you to no end! I have to tell you that I just LOVE pinterest, so this is the best part of my job!!

We’d absolutely love it if you would follow our boards… just click here to get to our boards, then click “follow all”. And then go be inspired!!

-Lisa 🙂

Add A Recipe Card

4 May

Free Printable Recipe Cards. Image from

Hi there! I just had to share this with you all because it’s such a great idea! Many of you may already do this, but how about bringing a filled out recipe card with the meal you bring someone!? That way, the person you bring the meal to will have the recipe on hand, and it makes the gift of a meal even more personal and meaningful.

Tip Junkie just posted a great link for free printable recipe cards, and they’re so cute! Thank you, Tip Junkie! 🙂

Becoming A Foster Parent

7 Mar

My husband and I have some dear friends who have just finished getting certified to be foster parents. This was official last Friday, and they have already gotten a call to have a precious little baby placed with them! I’m so proud of them, and this is a really amazing thing they are doing.

They will be giving up  many of their “freedoms” and their time to allow for these precious children to come into their lives, and they’re so excited to just love them and be a safe place for them. They have 2 children of their own, and they are super excited about this as well. It’s just awesome, and very inspiring and encouraging.

The difference that our friends will make (and have made as long as we’ve known them in all that they do) will be amazing. This I know for sure. There are so many precious kids that don’t have a place to call home. It’s so sad to think that this does happen.

So with that being said, do you know of anyone who is a foster parent or is in the process of becoming one? If so, once they have a child placed with them, I would encourage you to set up a Food Tidings for them. This is a new set of circumstances, and absolutely would be considered what I’d call “a transitional time of life”. I would imagine they’d love to have that love and support from you and your friends in the form of meals.

Have a great day!

Dish Issues… AKA “Dissues” :)

7 Nov

I have a confession to make. I have some serious “dissues.”

When we had our 4th sweet baby boy, Deklan, we had some wonderful friends and family bring us meals. They were awesome, and we were so thankful. Well, Deklan is now almost 16 months old, and can I just tell you that I have several dishes still in my cupboard from those meals that were brought to us? How terrible is that?!

One set of dishes in particular are just beautiful. We haven’t seen this family since the baby has been born (sad huh, we love them but our lives are just not connecting right now.) So each time I open up that cupboard, I think “Man! I have GOT to get those dishes back to them!” Then I feel embarrassed and guilty for a few minutes that I’ve had their dishes for almost 16 months. Then it goes away until the next time I open that cupboard.

This is a problem. It could be solved by me just getting it together and getting the dishes back to the right people, for sure. But, I have an idea that could really help in the beginning for next time you drop off a meal.

For instance, today I dropped off Pioneer Woman’s Sloppy Joe’s (by the way, SO yummy!) to a dear friend today. The meal was hot when I left, and I didn’t feel right about putting hot contents into a plastic container and knowing chemicals could combine and all that jazz. So I put it into a metal bakeware pan with foil on top. It was a pan I wasn’t worried about getting back, but I wished it was disposable nonetheless.

My friend grabbed a dish, and transferred the contents from my dish to hers. Well now, that wasn’t so hard! Why didn’t we think of that before? So there you go, if you don’t bring a disposable dish (which is always best- and be sure to let them know you don’t need it back), ask the recipient of your meal if they have a dish you can transfer the meal into.

It’s a win win situation… you leave with your dish, and they don’t have to worry about the guilt and embarrassment that could follow 16 months later each time they open their cupboard! Or is that just me and my “dissues”….

Cleaning For A Reason

2 Feb

Here’s an AMAZING resource for people with cancer. Cleaning For A Reason is a non profit organization that has teamed up with professional cleaning business in all 50 states in the US, as well as Canada. They have offered to help out and clean their houses once a month for four months. How awesome is that?! There is an application process, so go to the website and it will explain it all there.

And you know, you don’t have to wait for Cleaning For A Reason to come through. If you know someone who has just had a baby, is recovering from surgery, is on bed rest, is sick, or any other reason; you can help! You can team up with several friends, and all pitch in to have their house professionally cleaned.

I don’t know about you, but there isn’t much else like a freshly cleaned house that I didn’t have to clean. When I had our fourth baby in July, my friends did just what I’m talking about. They all pitched in, and had someone come and clean my house. Let me tell you- it was AWESOME.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

5 Jan

What do you think of when you hear the word neighbors? I would imagine it would depend on what generation you grew up in, where you live in the world, and your lifestyle and family dynamics. It’s something I’ve been pondering recently as I noticed that our neighborhood doesn’t have much of a community feel to it.

I was talking with my grandma the other day. You gotta love grandma stories. I find my ear bending closer to her when she talks about some of the things that used to be more normal and in her day; things like “neighboring” as she calls it…when my grandmother was my age she and my grandfather had 6 kids and one car (this is not the part I get excited about). We were talking about the pros and cons of being a stay at home mom. She stayed at home, and my grandpa sometimes had to work 2 jobs to keep it that way. My grandpa took their only car to work. So during the days, my grandma was at home with no transportation. If they needed to go to the store, she’d pull the kids in a wagon. But it was worth it to them for her to stay home and be there for the kids.

She shared with me that the only way she got through it was “neighboring.” She said that her next door neighbor had 5 kids, and they would spend a lot of time together. They had playdates, shared housekeeping ideas with one another, and she really enjoyed her company.

My grandparents also met up with neighbors in the evenings to play cards together after the kids went to bed. They knew what community was. It was a way of life………….what is so different now?

It’s almost too easy now to drive into our own personal garages, shut the garage door before we even get out of the car, and head inside. We then have several virtual communities calling our name- facebook, blogs, skype, twitter, etc. It seems like what we all need todo is get back to good old face to face relationships.
So how can we get back to the simpler times where community within our neighborhood is the norm? My husband and I have been working on figuring out answers to that question.

Here are some ideas we’ve come up with so far…

-BBQ in FRONT of your house, NOT the back. It’s a small adjustment to make, and it makes a huge difference- creating many more opportunities to hang out with neighbors.

-Be intentional to say hi when your neighbors are out.

-Let the kids ride bikes and play in the front, while you’re watching them of course. 

-Make some treats with the kids and share them with neighbors. We’ve found this to be a wonderful way to break the ice, so to speak. 

-Invite them over for a weekly game night. How fun would that be!

-Use food tidings to set up a meal schedule for them (when they have a baby, are sick, etc), and invite other neighbors to bring meals. Or, just bring a meal that can be easily frozen to a neighbor that you know is going through something difficult.

-Set aside technology free times. When you go out in your front yard to let your kids play, don’t bring your phone. Then the temptation isn’t there to be somewhere else rather than right where you are.

-Block party- need I say more?

There are many, many ways to create community within your neighborhood. Enjoy the process and watch as you become great friends with your neighbors, helping each other out, and loving the street you live on!

Meal Idea Monday- Make Ahead Freezer Meals

18 Oct

How is it Monday again already? Time flies when you’re having fun I guess! And the weather is getting cooler, how nice is that? For us here in AZ, it’s AMAZING. 🙂

One of our blog readers, Renee, suggested a great resource for make ahead freezer meals. I’ve come across a few Food Tidings schedules that ask for freezer meals. I’ve even seen in the notes section that a cooler will be left out front, and to put the meal in there. These meal ideas could be perfect for that. Or maybe you signed up for a day, then realized you have something else going that day as well. I’m totally guilty of doing that! If you needed to bring the meal a day or two before your scheduled date, bring them a freezer meal.

Here’s another great resource for make ahead freezer meals. I’ve blogged about Once A Month Mom before, but this site is worthy of getting another mention! 🙂

Adding That Special "Something"

18 Sep

A few weeks ago, I blogged about our friend Julie at Come Have a Peace. She had some amazing ideas for how to add that extra “something” to make the dinner you bring that much more special. It got me thinking, what can I do to make the meal I bring super fun and special? So, the last meal I brought to our friends was my test run.

I used one of Julie’s ideas- bringing fun plates and napkins. I decided on the color yellow because when I think of yellow, I think of sunshine, happiness, and cheer. And that’s what I wanted our friends to feel when they were eating. I think that changes everything about bringing dinner- fun plates and napkins just really change the “feel” of the dinner.

Then I had found some really awesome things at Michael’s on sale. It was a plastic popcorn bowl, matching napkins, and matching coasters…. movie night! So I got some candy, some microwave popcorn, and put it all together nicely. I added this “movie night” with the dinner I brought. I think it all turned out so great! I really enjoyed putting it all together, and I couldn’t wait for our friends to receive it.

I hope this helps spark your creativity when thinking of what to bring your friend for dinner that much more special! I loved how Julie from Come Have a Peace said it- it helps to take a meal from delivering help to delivering help AND happiness.” So true!

Here are the fun yellow plates and napkins, wrapped with a beautiful red bow

Here’s the “movie night” package I brought along with dinner…
This is what the popcorn bowl looked like from the front…

If you have any ideas, please share with us- you can leave a comment here or you can stop by and visit our facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

Getting Creative

2 Sep

We’d like to thank Julie at Come Have A Peace for writing a wonderful post on her blog about Foodtidings. She even had some very creative ideas for making the meal you bring even more special. She writes:

Start the trend where you live. Someone is sure to be expecting, starting to feel lousy, packing boxes, or having their kitchen remodeled … or you could be next and benefit from your organized “Food Tidings” friends. Great things to add to a meal you deliver to a friend:

  • a package of fun napkins to make tired, ill, or new people feel better
  • a package of paper plates to spare friends some clean up
  • a card with the “menu” written on it
  • a package of coffee for a single pot
  • a box of tissues or tea, if you’re reaching out to a friend with a cold

I LOVE those ideas! Thanks, Julie, for sharing your ideas and blogging about us!

I was inspired last night as I was at Michael’s, looking in their $1 bins for fun things. They had these cute movie night themed napkins and a matching plastic popcorn bowl…wouldn’t it be fun to bring a box of candy, a package of microwave popcorn, fun napkins, and a fun bowl for the popcorn? Put that altogether and you have given your friend a movie night along with dinner.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful to you, and make bringing meals to loved ones even more enjoyable. Get creative, and have fun with it! If you come up with any great ideas, please share them with us on our facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!