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Meal Idea Monday: Chicken Curry Soup

3 Feb
Chicken Curry Soup. Image from

Chicken Curry Soup. Image from

Hi all! I have a wonderfully delicious meal idea for you today… Chicken Curry Soup from Family Feedbag.

This looks absolutely divine, and it would be a beautiful meal to bring someone this week. Enjoy!!!




Meal Idea Monday: Slow Cooker 3 Cheese Broccoli Soup

27 Jan
Slow Cooker 3 Cheese Broccoli Soup. Image from

Slow Cooker 3 Cheese Broccoli Soup. Image from

Happy Monday!

I have a delicious slow cooker recipe for you today from another favorite go to recipe site- Six Sisters Stuff. I love this site, and I LOVE a good bowl of Broccoli Cheese Soup. It seriously brings me joy to eat it… is that weird? 🙂

Enjoy the happiness that follows this Slow Cooker 3 Cheese Broccoli Cheese Soup… and be sure to share the love with a friend too!


Lisa 🙂

Meal Idea Monday: Italian Turkey Soup

13 Jan
Italian Turkey Soup. Image from

Italian Turkey Soup. Image from

Hi all! I was looking at the weather around the world today, and thought you might think this is interesting. I sure did!

Phoenix, AZ- high 71 degrees, low 45 degrees

Denver, CO- high 49 degrees, low 32 degrees

Dallas, TX- high 65 degrees, low 35 degrees

Miami, FL- high 80 degrees, low 69 degrees

Anaheim, CA- high 80 degrees, low 48 degrees

Washington, D.C.- high 59 degrees, low 46 degrees

Boise, Idaho- high 41, low 26 degrees (chilly!!)

Seattle, WA- high 51 degrees, low 43 degrees

Omaha, Nebraska- high 47 degrees, low 35 degrees

Augusta, Maine- high 39 degrees, low 35 degrees

Boston, Massachusetts high 50 degrees, low 43 degrees

Lansing, Michigan- high 42 degrees, low 26

Sydney, Australia high 80 degrees, low 65 degrees

London, England- high 50 degrees, low 37 degrees

So that gives you an idea of some of what we’re all feeling today (I know I didn’t put all the highs and lows in there- that would’ve kept us here all day!) Some of us will be more chilly than others. Some of us may be wearing our snuggie all day, some may be using our umbrella today, and some may quite possibly have shorts on at some point today!

I have a great recipe idea for you from an all time favorite site, Our Best Bites. It’s for Italian Turkey Soup. It looks absolutely delicious, and it’s sure to warm you up as things get even cooler tonight. Be sure to make enough to bring to a friend!

And if that friend is going through a time of need in their life, then what are you waiting for? Set up a meal schedule for them on Food Tidings, and help them get meal support by inviting other friends and family. It’s such a wonderful way to show your love and care!



Meal Idea Monday: Creamy Black Bean Chicken Soup

30 Dec
Creamy Black Bean Chicken Soup. Image from

Creamy Black Bean Chicken Soup. Image from

I have a great meal idea for you today… Creamy Black Bean Chicken Soup from a great new resource I found called Pass The Fresh. GREAT recipe resource!

Creamy Black Bean Chicken Soup is a crock pot recipe, which means- super simple. I’m all about simple, especially when the results are this delicious!

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!!!


Meal Idea Monday: Winter Minestrone

16 Dec

I don’t know about you, but it feels like winter to me already. I know it doesn’t “officially” begin until December 21st, but to me- we’re practically there! Oh, and can you even believe that it’s only NINE days until Christmas? What?! Where does the time go?

I have a wonderful soup recipe that will warm your body and soul… Winter Minestrone from The Food Network. It’s from the show, Giada at Home. She’s such a great cook!!

Soups when it’s cold are just what the Dr. ordered, in my opinion. This would be a great meal to bring a friend, so sign up on their Food Tidings schedule and make it for them!

If you know someone who is going through a transitional time in their life, don’t wait for someone else to start- you be the one to create a Food Tidings for them. They’ll be overjoyed at the love and support they receive in the form of meals… and the presence of friends and family who love them at their door!

Have a wonderful week, and do your best to enjoy every minute of it! I know things can tend to get stressful during the holiday season, but try not to fall into that trap this year. Each moment is a gift!


Meal Idea Monday: Stuffed Pepper Soup and Cheesy Garlic Flat Bread

18 Nov
Stuffed Pepper Soup. Image from

Stuffed Pepper Soup. Image from

Happy Monday, everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend. My family and I certainly have because we’ve been in Colorado visiting friends and family. Let me just say, Colorado is BEAUTIFUL!! I’m reminded of it each time we visit. There is fun, family, such beautiful scenery, it’s chilly, and just awesome. Oh, and there are Denver Bronco fans everywhere which makes my hubby a very happy man.

I’ve been thinking a lot about soups this weekend because of how chilly it has been, so I found a beautiful soup recipe from one of my fave recipe sites, Six Sisters Stuff. It’s for Stuffed Pepper Soup and Cheesy Garlic Flat Bread. How yummy does that sound? Makes me wanna get in my cozy sweats, and curl up on the couch with a bowl of this soup along with my favorite TV show (Master Chef happens to be my favorite right now).

So, be sure to make a double batch of this soup so that you can bring some to a friend that you’ve signed up on a Food Tiding for, as well as keep some for you beautiful family too! Both parties are sure to enjoy it. 🙂


Meal Idea Monday: Homemade Chicken and Noodles

3 Jun
Homemade Chicken and Noodles. Image from

Homemade Chicken and Noodles. Image from

Happy Monday, everyone! I have a wonderful meal idea for you today from the always amazing Pioneer Woman… it’s for Homemade Chicken and Noodles.

You just can’t go wrong with chicken and noodles when someone is ill… it’s one of the most well known meals that bring feelings of comfort and happiness. So the next time someone you know is sick, and you sign up to bring them a meal using Food Tidings, make them Homemade Chicken and Noodles!

Have a wonderful week.

-Lisa 🙂

Meal Idea Monday: Coconut Curry Lentil & Apple Soup

15 Apr
Coconut Curry Apple & Lentil Soup. Image from

Coconut Curry Apple & Lentil Soup. Image from

It’s Monday again!! How was your week last week? Ours was a little rough. Our sweet third born boy, Jett, had to have his tonsils and adenoids out last Wednesday.

What a crazy recovery it’s been for him, and for us too! It breaks my heart to know my son is in pain, and that I can’t take it away from him. I so wish I could take it away, and for me to be the one who has to go through this recovery for him. But I know that is part of life, we all have to go through trials, and it makes us stronger in the end. But boy, in the middle of it, it feels like it’s never going to end.

I know there are so many parents out there that are dealing with having a son or daughter who is sick, and wishing with all their hearts that they could take their child’s place with this sickness. My heart truly goes out to you, and I am so proud of how you’re handling it all.

I’ve been watching as our dear friends journey through leukemia. Their son (the youngest of four boys) is just four years old, and it’s such a struggle to watch him go through the pain, side effects, and hard things about the treatment of this disease. But they have been one of the biggest sources of inspiration and encouragement to me as well because their faith is SO strong, they see the good in it all, they are growing closer as a family from this, and they are watching as God works in their lives and the lives of those around them. It’s amazing to see!

I truly believe that we don’t know how strong we go through something very challenging. God gives us exactly what we need when we need it. So keep it up out there, all you amazing parents who are battling on behalf of your precious children. You are not alone and you are SO loved!

Today’s recipe that I found comes from one of my favorite recipe sites, based in Canada, called Family Feedbag. It’s for Coconut Curry Lentil and Apple Soup. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!!

So bring this delicious soup to a friend or family member going through a tough time. And if you haven’t done so yet, set up a Food Tidings meal schedule for them, and invite their friends and family to bring them meals as well. It would be a huge blessing to them, I just know it!

Have a great week,

Lisa 🙂


PS- The last time I brought soup to a friend, I brought it in one of my pots. Then once I got there, I asked if they had a big pot I could transfer the soup into. That worked great because then they didn’t have to return my pot, or if they’re anything like me- they would’ve forgotten and ended up having it for a REALLY long time! 😉

Meal Idea Monday: Red Beans and Rice

25 Mar
Red Beans and Rice. Image from

Red Beans and Rice. Image from

Good morning, friends! I have a wonderful meal idea to share with you today from Simply Recipes. This site is one of my go to sites for meal ideas, and I would encourage you to check it out! All recipes are tested by the author, her family or her friends. So you can know they are delicious!!

Today’s recipe is for Red Beans and Rice… YUM! So if you are signed up to bring dinner to someone this week, this may be the perfect one to bring!! 🙂

Have a fantastic week!!!

Meal Idea Monday: Gluten Free Chili AND a Beautiful Story of Love

11 Mar
Gluten Free Chili. Image from

Gluten Free Chili. Image from

Hi there! I have a great meal idea to share with you today from The Gluten Free GoddessGluten Free Chili. This website is FULL of great gluten free meal ideas. This recipe could be vegan or it could have turkey or chicken added to it.

I checked out this website because I got a Food Tidings invite for a friend I went to school with, and her family eats gluten free. Her name is Jamie, and she and her family (husband, daughter, and son) just adopted a SWEET little girl from India. It was quite a process, but SO worthwhile! They have the most amazing story, and you’ve just GOT to check out her blog called A Worthy Journey because she has taken her readers along with her on this journey of adoption, as well as their journey with food allergies and spina bifida (both her daughter and her adopted daughter have spina bifida- I’m telling you, this family is AMAZING!) It’s a wonderful blog, and Jamie has the most beautiful heart and it shines through in her writing!

I hope you all have a fabulous week, and enjoy every moment God gives you! There are SO many reasons to SMILE!!! 🙂