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Meal Idea Monday: Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Sausage and Kale

11 Nov

Hi there! I have a beautiful meal idea for you today that comes from one of my fave recipe sites, Simply Recipes. It’s Roasted Spaghetti Squash Wish Sausage and Kale. What a delicious meal this would be to bring someone this week!

I just absolutely love spaghetti squash. It’s so delicious, and so filling. Plus, bonus: it’s gluten free and if you omit the parmesan cheese, it’s dairy free. Gotta love that! Enjoy!!


(See the pic of this meal on our Pinterest Boards… and many more great meal ideas and fun things you can do for those you love!)


Meal Idea Monday: Paleo Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups

24 Jun
Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups. Image from

Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups. Image from

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I have a wonderful meal idea for you that would be a beautiful meal to bring someone this week. It’s paleo as well as gluten free (so it’s great for those with food allergies, etc), and super healthy and delicious…. Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups from Paleo Girl’s Kitchen.

This is going to be a new favorite recipe idea site for me, I can tell! I’m ready for my family and I to really start eating healthier… hence the paleo and gluten free meal idea! ­čÖé

My sister in law is amazingly fit and super healthy, and she is a trainer full time at a cross fit gym in Colorado. She has eaten Paleo for some time now, and swears by it. She says it has helped her feel so much better in so many ways. Now it’s a lifestyle for her, and she enjoys it so much! I have to say I’m intrigued for sure, and am heavily considering trying this out. Clean eating can’t hurt anything… it can only help!

I hope you have a fantastic week, and remember to be someone’s reason to smile!

If you know of anyone who is going through a transitional time in their life, and could use some cheer from friends and family in the form of meals (and smiles!), you can help! Create a meal schedule for them today…. then invite friends and family to sign up to bring them a meal. It’s simple and can make such a difference!


Meal Idea Monday: Gluten/Dairy Free Stir Fry Ginger Beef

30 Jan

Stir Fry Ginger Beef: Gluten and Dairy Free...image from

Good morning, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. I am happy to share a great recipe with you that I was directed to from Once A Month Mom. This is a fantastic resource for recipes to bring to others, and to make for your family. Each month,┬áthey post┬árecipes for the whole month that you can make ahead and store in your freezer. Or of you’re not ready for that, you can make them as you are ready to, one at a┬átime. Whatever works for you.┬áNot only that, but there are different types of menus to choose from: traditional, whole foods, gluten/dairy free, diet, baby food, vegetarian. How amazing is that?! I just can’t say enough great things about Once A Month Mom! They make preparing healthy meals SO much easier! Oh, one more thing about this great site- the recipes are printable! You could totally print the recipe out, and send it with your meal. Then the family you brought a meal to can make that meal again sometime!

I found today’s recipe,┬áStir Fry Ginger Beef, on the January Gluten/Dairy Free Menu, and it comes from another favorite site of mine called Simply Recipes. Again, I┬ájust LOVE this site as well!┬áThis is a wonderful meal to bring to someone, and make a double batch so that you can feed your family as well! Have a great week!!

**Update: I received a comment this morning lettting me know that this recipe isn’t actually gluten free unless a gluten free soy sauce is used. Great point, and I wanted to be sure to put this on here as you head to the link. Here is a blog post from the Gluten Free Chickie of a list of gluten free soy sauces she knows of. I hope that’s helpful! Thanks!!