Meal Idea Monday: Italian Turkey Soup

13 Jan
Italian Turkey Soup. Image from

Italian Turkey Soup. Image from

Hi all! I was looking at the weather around the world today, and thought you might think this is interesting. I sure did!

Phoenix, AZ- high 71 degrees, low 45 degrees

Denver, CO- high 49 degrees, low 32 degrees

Dallas, TX- high 65 degrees, low 35 degrees

Miami, FL- high 80 degrees, low 69 degrees

Anaheim, CA- high 80 degrees, low 48 degrees

Washington, D.C.- high 59 degrees, low 46 degrees

Boise, Idaho- high 41, low 26 degrees (chilly!!)

Seattle, WA- high 51 degrees, low 43 degrees

Omaha, Nebraska- high 47 degrees, low 35 degrees

Augusta, Maine- high 39 degrees, low 35 degrees

Boston, Massachusetts high 50 degrees, low 43 degrees

Lansing, Michigan- high 42 degrees, low 26

Sydney, Australia high 80 degrees, low 65 degrees

London, England- high 50 degrees, low 37 degrees

So that gives you an idea of some of what we’re all feeling today (I know I didn’t put all the highs and lows in there- that would’ve kept us here all day!) Some of us will be more chilly than others. Some of us may be wearing our snuggie all day, some may be using our umbrella today, and some may quite possibly have shorts on at some point today!

I have a great recipe idea for you from an all time favorite site, Our Best Bites. It’s for Italian Turkey Soup. It looks absolutely delicious, and it’s sure to warm you up as things get even cooler tonight. Be sure to make enough to bring to a friend!

And if that friend is going through a time of need in their life, then what are you waiting for? Set up a meal schedule for them on Food Tidings, and help them get meal support by inviting other friends and family. It’s such a wonderful way to show your love and care!



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