Never Forgotten…

6 Aug

Two years ago today, 31 members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force lost their lives in Afghanistan. They made the ultimate sacrifice, and we honor them today and everyday.

Two years ago, loved ones of those 31 lost were left behind. Loved ones who continue on in this life, continuing to make sacrifices with their significant others gone. Their life didn’t stop, it goes on.

I think we often forget about this piece of things. These women and men are amazing. hard working, and so courageous. They keep on keeping on, even on the hardest of days.

They are leaving a legacy for their children, and their children’s children… and that is a beautiful thing.

Today, if you know someone who lost a loved one- it doesn’t even have to be someone who was in the military… call them. Tell them you love them, and share a treasured story with them about the loved one that has passed on. Tell them how much they meant to you, and how much you mean to them. Bring them a pretty flower, a nice meal, a gift card, take them out for coffee, and share a smile with them. A hug.

If it’s been a while since that loved one has passed away, think about getting together several close friends and setting up a  Food Tidings meal schedule for them. You could invite those our of town family members as well, and they can have a meal delivered to them through Food Tidings.

I guarantee that the loss is still so hard and they could use support and love even now. Possibly even now more than ever. Now that the close relatives are back in their own hometowns, life continues to go on for many, and it may feel lonely.

Help them to know they are not alone. I know that we can all do this for someone in our lives, so this is my encouragement for you to make that call, send that text, set up that meal schedule, write that card, ring that doorbell, make that meal… and brighten their day.


Here’s a beautiful video honoring those who lost their lives in August 6, 2011 as well as their significant others… take a few minutes and watch it.


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