National Cherry Cobbler Day

17 May

I think this is so fun… I’m finding that there’s pretty much a national food day everyday. Who knew?! Well, today is National Cherry Cobbler Day. I like the sound of that!

So I took the time to find a few really great looking recipes for cherry cobbler. This will be good practice to get you ready for Sunday the 19th, which is called World Baking Day! That’s simply a day for you to challenge yourself to bake something really fun and share it with those you love. That’s my kind of day!!

Taste of Home- Cherry Cobbler 

Cherry Cobbler Dump Cake- Group Recipes: this one looks super easy… uses a cake mix, cherry pie filling, and butter. Can’t get much simpler than that 🙂

Cherry Cobbler from The Pint Sized Baker- these look delicious!!

Cheery Cherry Cobbler Cupcakes from Quick Dish– okay, these might be my favorite!!

Here’s one more, and it’s a really good one! It’s Paleo Cherry Crisp from I Breathe I’m Hungry.

ENJOY and have a wonderful and fabulous weekend!


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