Happy National Sibling Day! :)

10 Apr

Today, April 10th, is National Sibling Day! I take that as a reminder to stop and be grateful for the siblings (and those who are so close to us that they’re like siblings!) that God gave us.

I really appreciate reminders like these because often times, for me, life just feels like it’s going by so FAST and I forget to slow down and look around. Loving those around me is one of my most important jobs here in Earth, and I admit that it’s easy to stray from that because of the business of life.

Laundry, making dinner, bills, taking kids to and from school and dr appointments, cleaning the house (I’d say my least favorite!), etc…. the list goes on. The crazy part is that as soon as I cross something like this off my list, another things goes on there! And not only that, but pretty soon after I’ve crossed something like laundry off my list…. it goes right back on! All of these things will always be on our lists.

We don’t know how much time God has given us with our loved ones. So today, be sure to take the time to tell those you love how much they mean to you. Sit down and write a few thank you cards that have been on your mental to do list (or is that just me that needs to do that ;)). Call or skype family or friends who are out of town. Laugh with your family tonight. Laughter is SO healing. A happy and joyful heart brings health to the bones… truly!

I know that’s what I’m going to go do… I’m headed to call my sisters! 🙂

Here are a few cute printables I wanted to share too….



a cheerful heart is good medicine



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