A Beautiful Connection

22 Mar

I spoke with a woman on the phone today named Ange who had a few questions about how to invite others to sign up for her meal schedule. It was a very impactful conversation, and I’m so thankful that we got a chance to connect today.

I would love to share with you why I was so impacted

Ange has three daughters: 19, 16, and 13. Her precious 13 year old daughter, Alysha, is battling cancer for the second time. It’s osteosarcoma (bone cancer), and she has a second big surgery coming up next week.

She was sharing with me that the last time her and her husband took their sweet daughter in for her first surgery, they didn’t step foot out of the hospital for 7 days. So that’s 7 days, 2 meals a day (because she said when you’re under this kind of stress, you’re lucky to even get 2 meals a day), and that equals quite a bit of money spent on food, and it’s not even the greatest food around.

Ange is hoping that this time around, she can get a schedule going for their friends and family to bring her and her husband dinner each night that they’re there at the hospital with Alysha, to help offset the cost of eating out.

I think that’s an amazing idea. Not only will it offset the cost, but it will give them a familiar and loving face to see each night, support, encouragement, and food that’s not from a hospital cafeteria.

By the end of our conversation, we found out that we have much in common. They attend the church that we used to attend for years, and they know many of the people we know and love as well. We even live right down the street from each other, which to me is a total God thing… let me explain.

Food Tidings is used all over the US, in Australia, in the UK, and in other countries as well. Of all the emails I receive, I get to call on this one- and they just live miles from us. It’s just such a beautiful connection.

I believe that call was God reminding this family that He is there, He loves and cares for them, and he hears their prayers… and it showed me the same thing.

This is a huge reason my husband and I love being a part of Food Tidings. It brings people together. We have such an incredible opportunity by getting to be a part of things around here. We get to connect with others who are going through very difficult times and joyous times too, and we get to come alongside them and support them. Even if it’s just a listening ear, helping them by being a tool they can use (the site), to invite friends and family to love on them and bring them meals, an encouraging word in an email, etc. And if, like in this case, they live near us, we even get the honor of bringing them a meal and meeting face to face!

Would you say a prayer for my new friend Ange, her family, and her sweet daughter Alysha who is battling cancer? The surgery is next week on the 27th, and it’s going to be 10 hours long. Pray for strength, peace, and comfort for their whole family, as they walk this very tough journey. I know He will hear you, and I know that this wonderful family will very much appreciate it. Here’s her carepages site as well, in case you’d like to stay updated on how Alysha is doing. Also, here’s a link to hear more about Alysha’s journey.

I’m encouraged, amazed, and inspired by this beautiful family.

This quote is beautiful, and so true… reminded me of my new friends…


2 Responses to “A Beautiful Connection”

  1. Jeremy & Stacey Reiser March 22, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    We would love to help provide meals; please let know the when; where; & hiw many. Email geauxgreen@mac.com

    • Lisa @ Food Tidings March 23, 2013 at 7:50 pm #

      Hi Jeremy and Stacey, I will check with the family, and let you know by email! Thank you so much for offering!!

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