Meal Idea Monday: Albondigas Soup

10 Dec
Albondigas Soup from

Albondigas Soup from

Hello! I have some exciting news- our dear friends and co-founders of Food Tidings, Jeff and Leanne had their sweet baby girl on December 8th! This makes for their seventh child (and sixth girl)! What an incredible family they are, we LOVE them so much!!

It’s a beautiful and chilly day here in Arizona (LOVING it… jeans and a sweatshirt kind of day… those are seriously the best!), and of course soup is what is on my mind. Sooo, here’s a delicious recipe that I’d love to share with you all. The recipe comes from a favorite recipe site of mine, Simply Recipes, and it’s for Albondigas Soup.  (Click HERE for the recipe.)

If you’ve never had Albondigas Soup before, you’re missing out! It’s a traditional Mexican meatball soup. This recipe has been in the author’s (Elise Bauer) family for 50 years, so we know it’s tried and true! All of her recipes have been tested before she puts them on her site. Pretty awesome!

So go grab the ingredients from the store, make this delightful soup, and let it warm your body and soul from the inside out!

ENJOY the rest of this day! All of us are either going through something very difficult ourselves, or we know someone who is going through something very difficult. Do your best to find the GOOD in every situation. There IS good in it all. Talk to you all again soon!

Stay Warm,



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