Meal Idea Monday: Orange Chicken and Rice

17 Sep

Trader Joe’s Ming’s Mandarin Orange Chicken… Image from

Hello there! I hope everyone is doing well on this wonderful Monday! I have what I think is a great meal idea for you. It’s super, super easy… and delicious too!

I recently discovered this meal while shopping at Trader Joe’s, and decided to try it out on our family. And the beautiful thing is that they loved it! It’s Ming’s Mandarin Orange Chicken, and then I made some jasmine rice and broccoli to go with it. The other amazing thing is that a bag of the chicken is only $4.99, and our family could do one bag… but two is better so we have some leftovers.

My sweet sister had a precious baby two weeks ago, and I was signed up to bring her dinner tonight. I decided to bring them this orange chicken, rice, and broccoli. It was SO easy to make (it comes frozen, and you bake it in the oven for 16-18 minutes on 400 degrees), and I felt totally great giving it to them because I know it tastes wonderful. It was good on our budget as well, probably totalling about $7 for the whole meal.

So that’s my really, really easy (so easy you’ll feel like you’re cheating!) meal idea to bring others this week. So what are you waiting for? Head over to your nearest Trader Joe’s, and get yourself a few bags of Ming’s Mandarin Orange Chicken!

Have a fantastic week, and be sure to share many smiles with others! 🙂


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