Meal Idea Monday: Pizza Meatballs

7 May

Pizza Meatballs. Image from

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was filled with fun things. Our 3rd child, Jett, just turned 4 last week, and we celebrated his birthday on Saturday. We took him and some friends bowling
(so cute!), and then we met back up at my parents’ house for dinner (Cinco de Mayo themed of course!), cake, a pinata (the one thing Jett was most excited about), playing in the water outside, and jumping on the trampoline. It was super laid back, and so much fun! Hard to believe he’s four already. Time goes so fast!

Today’s Meal Idea for Pizza Meatballs comes from a wonderful new resource that I came across while on Pinterest. It’s called Family Feedbag, and it’s packed with great meal ideas for us to check out! The author of Family Feedbag is from Victoria, British Columbia, she’s a wife and mother of 2 little ones, and she loves to share her passion for creating wonderful meals from scratch. I think you’ll really love her blog, and find some amazing meal ideas to bring others as well as make for your family!

I think these Pizza Meatballs will be a hit for both kids as well as adults, and it would be great paired with spaghetti. Enjoy!!!

CLICK HERE for the link to the ingredients and directions. Have a great day!!!


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