Meal Idea Monday… On Tuesday? Creamy Spinach and Avocado Noodles

17 Apr

Creamy Spinach and Avocado Noodles. Image from

Hi there! I apologize for not posting this yesterday. My two beautiful sisters and I had an AMAZING weekend away in the beatiful San Diego, CA. We stayed at The Beach Cottages, and it was just so much fun! It was a welcome break from reality, super relaxing, there was lots of laughter, fun shopping for my sister who is expecting a baby girl (YEA!), and at one point I was just so happy to not know or need to know what time it was because I wasn’t in a rush to get anywhere!

My wonderful husband held down the fort with our four munchkins, and did a great job. He took them all to a school function on Friday night, to a birthday party and the gym on Saturday, and then to church on Sunday. He even braved a grocery shopping trip with them! He was so kind, and said that he felt like it was enlightening and necessary so that he can truly appreciate all that I do at home with them. He even said I should do it regularly so that he doesn’t forget this feeling! WOW, I better schedule it now before he forgets that he said that! 🙂

There’s definitely a LOT that goes in to taking care of children, a home, scheduling, preparing meals, etc!! Can I get an amen, anyone?!!

Well, all that being said, here’s a great vegetarian meal idea for this week. It’s from a new favorite site called Perry’s Plate for Creamy Spinach And Avocado Noodles. I LOVE this idea, and can’t wait to make it!


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