Meal Idea Monday: Pan Fried Pork Chops, Smashed Red Potatoes, and Blueberry Cobbler

19 Mar

Pan Fried Pork Chops. Image from

A few weeks ago, I had my wonderful grandma and grandpa over for dinner. I LOVE my grandparents, and have such fond memories of spending time with them over the years. They were at all of my sports games, we were at their house for all of the major holidays, and they’re just wonderful loving people. They have 6 kids (my mom is one of them), 17 grandkids (I’m one of them of course!), and 13 great grandkids (4 of which are my kids PLUS one on the way from one of my sisters!!). They are just amazing people, they’ve inspired and encouraged me all growing up, and what can I say other than I just love them!

My grandma is a wonderful cook, and she made good and hearty meals for my grandpa all their married lives. As they get older, it is getting a little harder for her to hop into the kitchen and whip up a meal for the two of them. I know this is really frustrating for her, because she’d love to… but our body doesn’t always do what our mind wants us to. You know what I mean? SO, I wanted to make a meal for them that would remind my grandpa of the types of meals my grandma used to make for him.

I went to the Pioneer Woman website (a personal favorite of mine), where I knew I’d find many wonderful meal options. She has a section called Malboro Man Approved, which means it’s a meal her husband really enjoys. He’s a farmer; a real meat and potatoes kind of man. And so is my grandpa, so I figured this would be perfect.

I went with Pan Fried Pork Chops and Smashed Red Potatoes and Blueberry Cobbler (this recipe calls for blackberries, but I substituted blueberries) for dessert. WOW. It all turned out to be so incredibly delicious! I wish I’d made more because everyone would’ve eaten more! But it worked out fine because then I brought out warm blueberry cobbler for dessert fresh from the oven. I have to tell you that even I surprised myself at how yummy it all was! We cleaned out that dish too. I was so happy! I feel the love when the pans are empty and tumies are happily filled… I know some of you know just what I mean!

It was a really special night filled with conversation, laughter, stories, delicious food (of course!), rich relationships, and even topped off with a Justin Bieber concert from my 5 year old son Dane. He’s a huge fan of Justin Bieber, and practices his songs (singing and dancing of course) all the time, and when we have company there is sure to be a concert. 🙂 He is quite the dancer, and quite the little entertainer!

That night, I was so thankful for wonderful family, great food, and for love.

**Click on these links for the ingredients and step by step beautifully photographed directions for the Pan Fried Pork Chops and Smashed Red Potatoes AND Blueberry Cobbler (this recipe calls for blackberries, but I used blueberries instead and it turned out great!)**


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