Becoming A Foster Parent

7 Mar

My husband and I have some dear friends who have just finished getting certified to be foster parents. This was official last Friday, and they have already gotten a call to have a precious little baby placed with them! I’m so proud of them, and this is a really amazing thing they are doing.

They will be giving up  many of their “freedoms” and their time to allow for these precious children to come into their lives, and they’re so excited to just love them and be a safe place for them. They have 2 children of their own, and they are super excited about this as well. It’s just awesome, and very inspiring and encouraging.

The difference that our friends will make (and have made as long as we’ve known them in all that they do) will be amazing. This I know for sure. There are so many precious kids that don’t have a place to call home. It’s so sad to think that this does happen.

So with that being said, do you know of anyone who is a foster parent or is in the process of becoming one? If so, once they have a child placed with them, I would encourage you to set up a Food Tidings for them. This is a new set of circumstances, and absolutely would be considered what I’d call “a transitional time of life”. I would imagine they’d love to have that love and support from you and your friends in the form of meals.

Have a great day!


2 Responses to “Becoming A Foster Parent”

  1. Beth Jensen March 7, 2012 at 11:01 am #

    Hi, I’m Beth. I’m a mother of two girls, and we are fostering twin boys that came into our home last year. When we first got them into our home it was chaos. We had no idea what our home would look like going from a family of four (happy, secure and healthy people) to adding two little people who were severely frightened, traumatized, insecure, unattached, and had no social skills.
    We struggled to survive the first six months, as we have only one family member in town to support us and most people just don’t get how stressful becoming a foster mom is let alone taking a sibling set.
    All this said, we love our four kids (we’ll be allowed to adopt these little guys soon), and I think it’s a brilliant idea to bless those foster and adoptive parents with as much support as a parent who is having a baby from their own womb. We need it, we really do. Only Jesus can hold foster and adoptive families together and get them through the frustrations, fears and terror that comes with those first few weeks. We praise Him for getting us through this first 10 months, and we trust Him with the rest of our lives. He’s always provided, even when we felt completely unsupported. He is our rock. 🙂

    • Lisa @ Food Tidings March 7, 2012 at 11:21 am #

      Hi Beth,
      Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Its amazing that you and your husband have a heart to be Jesus’ hands and feet, and taking in 2 sweet boys Ans loving them as your own. I bet this last 10 months has been quite a tough time. Thank you for doing what you’re doing, and we agree that Jesus is The Rock, and we rest in Him!
      Take care, and please keep us updated on how things are going!

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