Meal Idea Monday: Black Beans And Rice With Chicken And Apple Salsa

13 Feb

Hello everyone! Today’s meal idea comes from the always wonderful Our Best Bites: Black Beans And Rice With Chicken And Apple Salsa. YUMMY!

I hope all is well with everyone. We’ve been going through a bit of a rough time with my husband Zach’s health. After a few weeks of some tough symptoms like his heart racing like crazy, losing quite a bit of weight (and he didn’t have much to spare before all this!), getting sick all the time, dry gritty eyes, joint aches all over, sore throat to the touch on the outside, and slight tremors in his hands; we finally had a full blood work up done, and found out that he is very hyperthyroid.

The ultrasound came back normal, with no tumors. So that’s a huge praise! He is now on medicines to keep his heart rate down, as well as an anti-hyperthyroid medicine. It’s helped a ton already. They will continue to monitor his bloodwork, and he will go back to the endocrinologist in a few months.

I’m pleased that there is a diagnosis, and now it’s not just scary thinking, “What in the world is wrong with my husband?” It’s hard to have the man you’re used to being so strong and the leader in our home, the one who wrestles with the kids when he gets home from school, does all the heavy lifting, the yardwork, etc… be a pile of mush on the couch unable to breathe well due to the racing heart. So, I now have a slight taste of what many of you have gone through or are going through with your husbands or family members being sick. God bless you all. I felt so lonely for those few weeks.

I’m sure there are some of you reading this who know just how that feels. And to you I say, you’re amazing. Thank you for not giving up, even when I’m sure you want to. Also I would say, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I know there are family and friends out there who want to help, but don’t know the best way how. They’ll do most anything, though. I’m sure of it. So put yourself out there a bit, and ask. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’ll help you, and it will help them too. Because helping others is just as life giving to the one being helped as it is to the helper.



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