Meal Idea Monday: Introducing What’s Cookin, Chicago? and TONS of freezer meal ideas!

6 Feb

Image from What's Cookin, Chicago? blog

Good morning, my Food Tidings friends! It’s a beautiful Monday, and I have a great new resource for you!

I was at a dear friends’ house the other day, and in her fridge I noticed a large ziploc bag with a few chicken breasts, and a smaller ziploc inside the larger one with some kind of marinade in it. There were directions on the bag as far as how to add the marinade and cook the chicken. It was AWESOME, and it just reinforced the idea that freezer meals are such a fantastic idea!

I saw that as a wonderful idea for bringing a meal to someone. Sometimes people end up getting too much food brought to them, and I know they don’t want any of it going to waste. So how great would it be to bring a meal like the one I saw, in a ziploc bag with directions on it, and it could be used either that day, or frozen for when they’re ready for it?!

So with that in mind, here is a great resource for you guys. It’s a link I found on one of my favorite sites, Pinterest. You just gotta love pinterest! This link that I had pinned comes from a really wonderful blog called What’s Cookin, Chicago?, and it has a whole bunch of freezer meal ideas. What a great “go to” link when trying to find that perfect meal to bring someone!

One of the meals from that link that looked very delicious was for Asian Salmon, and here’s the link for that. Enjoy, and have a great week!!



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