Meal Idea Monday: Campanelle with Roasted Vegetables and Marinara

16 Jan

Campanelle With Roasted Vegetables and Marinara- image from

Good morning, everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was wonderful, and we’re still enjoying it since my husband Zach is a teacher, and we’re off today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We had a fun filled weekend, complete with a trip to IKEA. At times, it was stressful (bringing 4 kids under the age of 6 to a place like that can be a little overwhelming!), but they all did so well and we found a few great things for the playroom/learning room that we’re creating in our home. Plus, this weekend, if you spend $100, your whole family eats free at the restaurant there- that was sweet!

Now for the part you’re really reading for… the recipe! 🙂 It comes from For The Love Of Cooking, and it’s Campanelle with Roasted Vegetables and Marinara. This is a vegetarian dish, and it just sounds delightful! Click here for the ingredients as well as step by step directions with beautiful photographs.

And seriously, how AMAZING does this Vanilla Latte with Cinnamon and Sugar Crust look?! I love this website!

Have a fantastic week!


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