Meal Idea Monday: Guiltless Alfredo AND An Awesome Christmas Gift Idea

19 Dec

Guiltless Alfredo... image from

Hi everyone! I have a treat for you guys today. The always amazing Our Best Bites has a recipe for Guiltless Alfredo Sauce, and let me just tell you…it’s to die for! I made this for my family this week and added pasta and broccoli, and it was a total hit. And that is saying a lot, because I have some picky palates around my house. Even my 17 month old scarfed it down, and wanted seconds. I loved it because I didn’t feel like I was consuming my entire day’s worth of calories in one meal, like most alfredo recipes. So, I highly recommend this recipe, and I’ll definitely be making this for the next family that I get to bring a meal to!

Tin Can Treats: Christmas Edition... image from

Here’s the bonus… an awesome Christmas gift idea! It also comes from Our Best Bites (I can’t get enough of them- their site is literally filled with creative ideas!), and it’s called a Tin Can Treat. You HAVE to check it out! You can put all kinds of things in there: homemade goodies (they have a TON of great recipes to get for adding to your tin, a gift card, candy, etc. The adorable labels were made by another one of my favorite gals, Kim from the TomKat Studio. She’s just adorable, and SO talented! You GOTTA check out her site! Oh, and I love the saying on the printable, “Good tidings we bring to you in a tin.” Of course, we love that since we’re Food Tidings!

So have fun making the Alfredo, and be sure to bring along a tin can treat with it the person you’ve signed up to bring dinner to using Food Tidings. You’ll make their Chrismas even merrier!


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