Dish Issues… AKA “Dissues” :)

7 Nov

I have a confession to make. I have some serious “dissues.”

When we had our 4th sweet baby boy, Deklan, we had some wonderful friends and family bring us meals. They were awesome, and we were so thankful. Well, Deklan is now almost 16 months old, and can I just tell you that I have several dishes still in my cupboard from those meals that were brought to us? How terrible is that?!

One set of dishes in particular are just beautiful. We haven’t seen this family since the baby has been born (sad huh, we love them but our lives are just not connecting right now.) So each time I open up that cupboard, I think “Man! I have GOT to get those dishes back to them!” Then I feel embarrassed and guilty for a few minutes that I’ve had their dishes for almost 16 months. Then it goes away until the next time I open that cupboard.

This is a problem. It could be solved by me just getting it together and getting the dishes back to the right people, for sure. But, I have an idea that could really help in the beginning for next time you drop off a meal.

For instance, today I dropped off Pioneer Woman’s Sloppy Joe’s (by the way, SO yummy!) to a dear friend today. The meal was hot when I left, and I didn’t feel right about putting hot contents into a plastic container and knowing chemicals could combine and all that jazz. So I put it into a metal bakeware pan with foil on top. It was a pan I wasn’t worried about getting back, but I wished it was disposable nonetheless.

My friend grabbed a dish, and transferred the contents from my dish to hers. Well now, that wasn’t so hard! Why didn’t we think of that before? So there you go, if you don’t bring a disposable dish (which is always best- and be sure to let them know you don’t need it back), ask the recipient of your meal if they have a dish you can transfer the meal into.

It’s a win win situation… you leave with your dish, and they don’t have to worry about the guilt and embarrassment that could follow 16 months later each time they open their cupboard! Or is that just me and my “dissues”….


One Response to “Dish Issues… AKA “Dissues” :)”

  1. Donna Perry May 20, 2013 at 3:37 pm #

    I agree!~ I’ve shared the same concern/solution with our Food Tidings Group. What also works is to let the people who bring you food in dishes that need to be returned a place on your front porch or similar (that is safe) that they can pick it up the next day. I post this on in the details along with the time to deliver, etc. This has usually worked.

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