Meal Idea Monday: Halloween Fun!

31 Oct

Growing up, my mom always told us that Halloween is a fun day, and my sisters and I enjoyed dressing up and trick or treating. My dad is a dentist, and one year, we all dressed up as the tooth fairy… even my dad! Yes, he wore the tutu and everything. He’s so much fun.

What’s even better is that Halloween happens to be my mom’s birthday, which is mostly why my mom told us growing up how cool of a day Halloween is. 😉

Here are some fun ideas I found on the always amazing Our Best Bites with a Halloween theme to them. What would be really awesome is if you’re already signed up on Foodtidings to bring a meal to someone today, add one of these ideas to your meal and make it that much better! 🙂 Have a great day, and Happy Birthday to my mom!

Halloween Fun From Our Best Bites– Again, this is one of my favorite sites! Some of my favorite ideas are the mummy dogs, dirt n worms , and the caramel toffee fruit dip. But it’s hard to even pick because there are some really cute ideas here!


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